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Change is where the sea meets the sky
Jean Diop Consultancy - JDC

Currently Director at Deloitte Consulting in The Netherlands and focusing on Technology-Media-Telecom advisory in developing/emerging economies, I have extensive experiences in many aspects of such transformation: from visioning to plannig to execution & training. This website is a platform for presenting my views.

Change is constant apspect of our globalized business world. Consumer behavior keeps changing as digital tools have become a normal part of our daily life. We shop online, pay with our mobile phone, use tablets for professional and leisure purposes, discuss brands and products through social networks, and expect immediate digital feedback and service support. 

Such new consumer behaviors call for a different way of setting up and managing one's business, and for new employees competencies and IS/IT capabilities.

To strive in a digital world, business agility,partnering and customer centric innovation are critical. 
Continued transformation is now an integral part of a day-to-day business.

Whether you need help to set and achieve your strategic goals, or you have questions on digital business transformation or interesting points of view to share, please contact me.